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B’Saanibamaadsiwin (Indigenous Mental Health Program)

B’saanibamaadsiwin translated means “living a good life “ . The Indigenous Program is committed to practicing First Nation, Inuit, and Metis mental wellness care that is culturally safe.  We acknowledge that there is a difference in how you see creation and how greater society sees the world.   Our staff is committed to building skills, knowledge, and respectful attitudes that lead toward empathy and advocacy for you, your family, and your community. There will be no assault, challenge, or denial of your identity.  Our services will work together with you in understanding your individual values, customs, and beliefs. We will be helpers on your healing path and will meet you where you are at in your healing without judgment.  We will work with you in care planning to reach your goals towards mental wellness.  Our program provides assessment, referral, crisis, and counselling services.  Direction for the design, development, and delivery of services is provided by the Indigenous Program Advisory Committee which represents the First Nation and Indigenous communities. For more information call (705) 746-2512 or fax (705) 746-9590.

Day/Evening Treatment Program

SUPPORTING PEOPLE WITH SUBSTANCE USE GOALS This program is offered collaboratively by Mamaway Wiidokdaadwin Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team, CMHA Simcoe County, and CMHA Muskoka Parry Sound. This program is a 4-week virtual program for individuals who would like support with substance use goals who are 18 and older living in Simcoe County or Muskoka District. It provides skills-based education and opportunities to connect with other individuals. This program harmonizes Indigenous and non-Indigenous approaches to support growth and healing.
To register for this program contact our Central Registration at: 705-721-9554

Mobile Withdrawal Management Program

The Mobile Withdrawal Management Service balances Indigenous and Western approaches to support growth and healing for those 16 years of age and older who live in Muskoka and Simcoe County.
Our service helps you as you withdraw from substances at home, at the home of a supportive person or at another supportive place in your community. Our team will help you with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

The program is for those who;
•Have no anticipated complex withdrawal
•Have managed mental and physical wellness
•Have a support person who can be present for the first 5-7 days of the withdrawal

Self-referrals and referrals from health and community service providers are welcomed through our central referral line at: 705-721-9554


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